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Hope for the ocean

Is there any hope for the ocean?

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“Hope for the ocean” is an exciting and beautiful temporary exhibition which considers the topic of plastic pollution and litter in the ocean. The exhibition is made to make the visitors reflect on the topic.

For the individual the sea is infinitely large. BUT, can we use the ocean as a garbage disposal and at the same time harvest the ocean’s resources in the future? What is Microplastics? How does the garbage really end up in the sea? And what can we do to save the sea, the birds and the fish?

These are the issues addressed in the exhibition. The exhibition is designed for children but, because of its important themes, it is suitable and important for adults to see. There are various tasks for you to solve and additionally, you can make suggestions on how we can solve to problem of plastic pollution in the ocean. 

The exhibition was formed by the Norwegian Maritime Museum in Oslo and it was their main exhibition in 2016. We have been fortunate enough to receive the exhibition and excited to show it off to our visitors!

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