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The Boat Hall

The Boat Hall exhibition display traditional clinker-built boats from Central Norway.

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The boats in the hall is carefully picked out by one of our Boat Builders and shows a variation of Hull Shapes, the different purposes of the boats and the characteristics of the boats. Here you can see the traditional Åfjord Boat. Additionally, you can see boats from both the southern and northern parts of the area, like the Nordmørs Boat and the Nordlands boat. The exhibition also has the jewelry of Trondheimsfjorden, the Innherreds Faroese, and has been awarded a place of honor in the exhibition. While these boats are usually used in the ocean, there are also boats which were used in lakes in the exhibition. Lastly the hall has a shawl which carried King Oscar II several times during his visits to Trondheim in the 19th century.

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