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How to get to Museet Kystens Arv.

The museum is located on Fosen in Trøndelag. Here's how to get here by car, bus, boat or bike:


The museum has a good bus connection both towards Trondheim and the outer part of Fosen. For updated routes, see atb.no. The routes 350 and 450 pass Stadsbygd. The nearest stop is Stadsbygd Church. From there it is a 5 minute walk to the museum.


Feel free to use Google Maps to find the fastest route. Be sure to check the ferry route as well if you need to cross the fjord. You will find the ferry route at atb.no.
From Trondheim, follow signs for Fosen and take the ferry across the fjord. At Rørvik ferry dock, turn left and follow signs for Stadsbygd. At the roundabout after the church in Stadsbygd you turn left towards Museum Kystens Arv.
From the outer part of Fosen the fastest route is mostly via Rissa. Follow signs to Stadsbygd. In the roundabout close to Stadsbygd church follow the sign down to the coast and the museum.


From Trondheim you can choose whether to take the passenger boat from Trondheim to Vanvikan or the ferry from Flakk to Rørvik. From Vanvikan it is 15 km to cycle, from Rørvik it is 7 km. Cyclists go for free on the ferry, so one alternative might be to drive to Flakk and leave the car there. 3 km after Rørvik ferry dock, you can get off and follow the "old road", a beautiful dirt road along the fjord without any car traffic. Follow signs for Helleristninger (Rock carvings). This road may be cycled with children. On the road you pass rock carvings where four moose are carved onto the stone wall over five thousand years ago. Read more about the rock carvings and other exciting stops on the bike ride here.

Fosen is a popular area for cycling. If you want to make it a longer trip, for example, you can cycle farther out to Hasselvika, and take the passenger boat back from there.
From the Coast Express: If you live close to Kristiansund, Smøla, Kjørsvikbugen, Hitra or Brekstad, it may be an alternative to take the ferry boat to Hysnes (Hasselvika) and cycle the rest of the way. The bike ride is 25 km and takes about 2 hours.

Own boat

The nearest guest port is Sandbakken Marina. From there it is two kilometers to walk to the museum. It is also possible to borrow bicycles at the harbor, and cycle to the museum.

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