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About the museum

Museet Kystens Arv is a coastal heritage museum on the Norwegian west coast.

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    The museum seen from the Trondheim fjord. At the back you can see the new exhibition building taking shape.

Norway’s long and rugged coast, combined with our fjords, mountains and cold climate,meant that the sea, from the Stone Age and up to the mid 1900’s was both the national highway and a main food source on the coast. With boats being such important means for both transportation and fishing, we have a long and diverse maritime tradition.These boats have continuously been developed and adapted through the centuries.  Every region of Norway has its own particular type of boat, fit for their local conditions and for different use.

Right now,our grand new exhibition center is under construction. It will containa large exhibition on the tradition, skill and knowledge related to buildingand using clinker-built boats, and especially our local traditional Åfjordsbåt. There will also be a boat gallery. This will allow us to finally present our collection of traditional central Norwegian boats, which at the moment arestowed away in different barns around the village.

This means that the museum is closed for the 2016 season. We are sorry about any trouble this might cause, but welcome you back in 2017. 

Contact information

Phone number: (+47) 73 85 55 60 
Email: post@kystensarv.no

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