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Boat of the year

Museet Kystens Arv is a costal heritage museum with many exciting Clinker Built Boats. The most interesting are the ones who are not yet built.

The “Boat of the Year” exhibition have newly built traditional boats from the North Atlantic. They are built at the museum, and every other year a traditional boat builder is invited to the museum. The boat builders are invited from our neighboring countries, and they are invited to build a boat from their own culture. We have had visitors from Iceland, Ireland, and the Faroe Islands to participate in the project.

The boat of this year, 2019/2020, was built at the museum in 2016 by the Faroese boat builder Hanus Jensen. The boat is a “fyrmannafar”. Jensen is the only living boatbuilder who has learned the craft of boatbuilding directly from a Faroese traditional boat builder. The boat is at the second floor of the new communication building. After the Boat is finished at the exhibition it will enter the museum’s active fleet of boats at sea.

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